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bob dylan + jen

Samantha Pedraza

a couple of weeks ago, my friend Jen asked if I would do some lettering on a wall in her house. you see, she binged Gilmore Girls and then Parenthood like a boss. she discovered, like so many of us, that the Braverman's were worth the emotional roller coaster they took us on week after week because the show was brilliant. i mean it was only the best series finale in all the land, but that's besides the point. she's so committed to the show that she asked if I would letter the theme song on the entry way wall in her house. it's only the wall people will see as they enter and leave their home, no pressure; and you read that right, the theme song folks. she asked if that was possible and I said yes like a fool. i had no idea if it would be, but fake it till you make it right?!? 

the above photos, taken by my amazing + talented friend Hannah, make it look like I somewhat knew what I was doing, but the day I showed up I still didn't know. all I really did know was that she believed in me and I didn't want to disappoint. she could have asked anyone but she chose this amateur. at the end of the first day I left a little defeated. I didn't love what I had done, and I wanted to because this was going in a home that has people in it I care so much about. I was so tense. did I mention she has 12 foot ceilings?!? you know, nbd for a girl who's terrified of heights. anyhow, I went back a second day for "touch ups" (these are in air quotes because I thought if I use fancy artistic language it'd help my cause ha). i spent a few more hours on this bad boy and when I stepped away it felt complete. best of all, to my surprise, I was so happy with it!! 

honestly, what tripped me up most about this custom work was knowing this piece would be the catalyst for much of what was to come. this piece was done pre website, business, any of it, and I was a little scared. thankfully I'm one of the luckiest people to have so many good friends like Jen + others who believed in this for me. their belief helped my courage. 

in the words of the great bob dylan - "may you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong, and may you stay forever young"