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170 Via Verona
Buda, TX. 78610


story time.

Samantha Pedraza

hi. welcome to pedraza designs! can I just tell you how wild this is?! you guys, I (with the help of so many dear dear friends) made a little dream a reality. there's crazy excitement and nerves in this heart of mine. i am not 100% sure I can recount to you all the things that have happened in the last few months that made this possible, but I'm sure as heck going to try.

you see I've been lettering for a year or so. it honestly was something I just did on the side and didn't think much of it, and then people started to say things. they said really encouraging and affirming things, and I began to entertain the thought of actually doing something with it. i sat on the idea for a few months, but didn't really pursue it. then about a month ago, the tides were turning and well opportunity came a knocking. i mean my first investors pulled out all the change in their purses and gave the $12 in change they had because well they believe in me. change you guys. it's a funny story - one I'll definitely share more on later. i'm so fortunate to have a whole slew of people who believe in me and believe in this for me. 

so here we are. i have lots of little dreams for this business, but for now a small + simple start feels right. someone pinch me. thanks for stopping by. feel free to check out the shop and show some love!